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Romantic Garden - Elisabetta Delogu and Arteverde for a greenery wedding inspiration

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Have you ever met people who don't like cut flowers?

Sounds absurd right? Yet in recent years it has happened to me more often than you might think, especially among brides.

The idea of ​​cutting a flower and seeing it die a short time later puts a bit of sadness in fact.

But what if we thought of using potted plants instead? In addition to being extremely beautiful, they have a low environmental impact, an option of this type - not only is it original and would give life to very particular scenographies - but it would allow you to rent the plants at a nursery or buy them and replant them later at home, keeping a memory I live in time even after marriage.

This is how this inspiration is born. An immersion in the intense green, guests of Lavinia and Massimo, owners of the Vivaio Arteverde - who for years have been creating wonderful floral scenographies - reconstructing magical settings on the occasion of horticultural exhibitions in inhabited centers and squares.

All fairy tales take place in the woods

As an inveterate reader I am, in my favorite novels something important always happens in the woods or in a secret garden.

With this project I wanted to recreate this romantic and intimate atmosphere, and thanks to the splendid creations of Elisabetta Delogu I wanted to give life to images out of time and far from a contemporary historical connotation.

The team

Photography: Francesca Zinchiri e Flavio Manca

Location and scenography: Arteverde

A special thanks to the twins Giulia and Alice Cozzolino, multiple world champions of Sport Dance who posed for this Shooting.

Ps. No plants have been abused or cut down :)


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