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We couldn't have made a better choice. Who are Francesca and Flavio? They are tireless professionals who meticulously follow you step by step, before, during and after the most beautiful day of your life, they take care of every detail, I answer any doubt you have. Always smiling, always on the piece, always constantly updated on new techniques. In short, what more can we say? What are you waiting for? Contact Them!

A magical package full of wonderful memories, which made us goosebumps when we opened it.

Ms. Zinchiri observed our party without being noticed.

In the right moments he took some beautiful photos.

This would have been enough for a beautiful wedding photo album.

But not for the photographer, in fact, she created a Slide-Show, which brings all the participants of the party immediately to relive the beautiful emotions of the party. Anyone else who looks at it also experiences beautiful sensations such as goose bumps. Perhaps Ms. Zinchiri has a sixth sense for the scene and the qualities of the people. In reality, the photos tell our story in a beautiful way. competence of a designer has put together a multi-sensorial package: The beautiful photos, the beautiful Slide-Show, the envelope, which the hands like,… (I don't have to reveal everything).

Ms. Zinchiri's style is natural and classic, so we are sure that we will love this package forever.

Many thanks for this gift, which we like every day!

In two words ... Perfection!

Francesca is first and foremost a wonderful, sensitive and helpful person, this combined with her professionalism, discretion and experience makes her the perfect person to have "in front" of her wedding day.
After a very short time, she let us have all the material produced at our wedding, and for us it was a unique emotion, she was able to make us relive every most beautiful moment in an exemplary way! Really a great professional!

Passion and professionalism

We chose Francesca and Flavio to immortalize our yes and we would choose them a thousand times: they were splendid: available, professional, accomplices and discreet, they were able to capture the essence of that unforgettable day, giving it back to us just as it was, with a extreme attention to detail, and making a photo and video reportage from the cinema: we felt like the protagonists of a beautiful film ...
Francesca's photographs have an unmistakable class, elegance and originality, they are immediately recognized to be definitely the best! You can't go wrong with her!

Magical Francesca

We met Francesca on this site. She has that empathy and kindness that immediately catches you. We had no doubt that she would have done an excellent job given her previous works but when we met her personally she transmitted that serenity and calm that on your wedding day is essential to face the moment most "feared" by the spouses: photo!

It is evident that she loves what she does and that for her it is not just a job, for this she manages to make that "feared" moment magical, light and natural and to make anyone photogenic, capturing the best moments.
She is a fantastic photographer, unfortunately she is one and not enough for everyone!

Delighted to have chosen Francesca to capture our big day! Going back would always be our choice. Despite some other estimates made, we had no doubts. Seeing her works it is easy to understand how Francesca knows how to tell the most important moments of such a busy day, with spontaneity and naturalness without neglecting any detail! Photos full of emotions that make us cry with joy every time we look at them. But above all, not trivial, not standardized. As is the rest of the package it offers. In addition to an album of a superlative manufacture, with many choices (really for all tastes). She with her hands will make a really pretty box for the newlyweds! (To you discover the welcome surprise). We were also offered the opportunity to do the premarital service, an idea that at the beginning did not convince us, and instead it was a fantastic experience. It allows you to get in touch with the photographer, but with Fra it takes little, and remains one of the best memories of all the preparations. You will begin to appreciate the quality of his work and his great professionalism from those "few shots". Highly recommended !. The team also has Flavio, a video maker capable of making real small fabulous films. We have had the pleasure to be the protagonists of one of his spectacular productions. In short, highly recommended! Here it is right to tell mainly the professional side, but for us Francesca and Flavio have been, are and will remain special also from a personal point of view!


I had already fallen in love with Francesca's work long ago, for the wedding of a friend of mine. She and Flavio are of a disarming skill, have the ability to bring out a particular light, give life to something magical. In addition to being very good and very professional, they are also fantastic people, they have lent themselves to a beautiful surprise and have immortalized those moments for us so special, in the best way ...


Annamaria & Kevin

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