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Best wedding photographs of 2022

Like every year, at the end of the season, I take stock of what my work has been, and as per tradition, I prepare my slideshow with the most significant photographs.

I usually dedicate a whole week to this work, and after that I send a message on new year's day to all my couples with our best wishes :)

With this selection I wanted to rediscover the joy and light-heartedness that reigned before the dark years of the covid19. In 2022 the wildest hugs and celebrations returned, and that's why I decided to focus on the selection of particularly cheerful and colorful photos that contrasted with the most intimate and moving moments in black and white.

Because this is how weddings should be (in my opinion). Joy and Color in a Sea of Emotions.

So turn up the volume and enjoy the show


If you want to stay updated on the upcoming season you can follow me on my social media :)

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