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Wedding dinner in an oak forest

As in the past...

Chiara and Giovanni's wedding was a little jewel.

We are between Olbia and Tempio Pausania on a hot July day, the ideal time to organize an outdoor dinner wedding.

Theirs was a bucolic wedding, immersed in an oak grove, celebrated in a small country church with celebrations in its square, as in the past...

The dinner under the oaks, with a single table, illuminated by a hundred vintage lights was romantic and evocative.

When it comes to planning, staging and coordinating a wedding, that's what it means to me. Creating harmony and coherence with the surrounding landscape, without distorting the nature of the places.

In this case it was like writing on a blank sheet ❤️


Francesca Zinchiri - Wedding Photography

Flavio Manca Film

Giagoni Catering & Events

TDecor by Tiziana Bua

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