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Best wedding photographer in Sardinia

How many times have you searched for "Best Wedding Photographer"?

And what are the parameters for choosing the photographer for your wedding?

Word of mouth from friends may be the easiest way out, but are you sure that the choices of others are also the best for you?

There are numerous associations in the field of wedding photography that highlight the best professionals in the sector. Admission to these associations is linked to certain parameters that are requested at the time of registration, requisites and conditions based on professional ethics, transparency and quality of service.

I have been a member of several photographic associations for several years.

The first one I applied to - in Italy - was ANFM (National Association of Wedding Photographers).

I was immediately admitted with the qualification of ANFM SELECTED, I still remember the infinite joy of that day when I received the confirmation email.

ANFM member card n. 883. The idea of being a motorcycle filled me with enthusiasm :)

Being part of an association allows the continuous comparison with colleagues who work at very high levels and in reality, made up of traditions and customs, very different from ours. This allows you to grow and have continuous and constant training, as well as being part of a big and wonderful family :)

ANFM, offers its members, in addition to training, the opportunity to participate in annual contests, aimed at rewarding the best photographs and - category dearest to me - the best albums of the year.

Last March, the ANFM Convention took place in Matera, an incredible event, 4 days of continuous training with excellent international Masters which ended with the proclamation of the best photographers in Italy.

With great joy I managed to enter the final - among the top ten photographers in Italy - for the second year in a row, in two categories:

- Best Album of the Year (Multiple Photographer)

- Single photo contest

This below is a gallery of my photographs awarded over the years with an ANFM AWARD

...and this is my album, ranked 8th among the best in Italy in 2022, and shot together with Flavio Manca, husband and partner in crime with his own studio specializing in wedding videos.

After a few years I applied to two other associations, the most important internationally FEARLESS and ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers).

In this area I have had the opportunity to confront colleagues from all over the world, participate in contests and win numerous awards over the years.

In addition to the great personal satisfaction that derives from them, they are an opportunity to question one's own work and always look for a new interpretation in every marriage.

In December during the last wedding of 2022 I received one of the most beautiful emails ever :)

ISPWP included me in the ranking of the 100 best photographers in the world, positioned at 47th place


But 2022 still had a few gifts for me :)

A completely unexpected e-mail arrived like a bolt from the blue.

The Romanian Association of Cameraman Photographers invites me as a judge in their annual national contest, and for the first time I find myself on the other side, judging colleagues and being part of an incredible international jury.

A formative and enlightening experience, of great responsibility without a doubt, which enriched me a lot.

If you want to stay updated, follow my adventures on social networks :)


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