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Elopement in La Maddalena | Intimate beach wedding in Sardinia

Photography: Francesca Zinchiri e Flavio Manca

Special Thanks

Second Photographer: Giada Notarbo | Punti di luce


They are Mario and Manuela, they are not Italians, they arrived from Austria for their #wedding #intimate in the wonderful island of La Maddalena, part of the archipelago of the same name.

As always in a #Destination #Wedding, I love to talk about the territory and its peculiarities and La Maddalena, in addition to having beautiful beaches, is rich in history!

The marriage of Mario and Manuela begins with the civil ceremony, where Anja, delegated by the municipality of La Maddalena, celebrates the bilingual rite, in Italian and German.

After a short lunch we take a walk through the charming streets of the town, waiting for the afternoon for the final preparations at the Grand Hotel Resort Ma & Ma where the couple has chosen to reside for their holiday in Sardinia.

At sunset there will be the symbolic ritual, where promises will be exchanged on the sea in a landscape made even more suggestive by the slightly veiled day.

This #elopement service was carried out by four hands, with the precious support of my colleague Giada Notarbo. who accompanied the couple in the symbolic ritual on the beach of Punta Tegge.

The term Elopement indicates "the romantic getaway" of a couple in a unique and special place.

This choice was so important for them that their wedding rings were not affected by the date of the wedding, but the geographical coordinates of the place in La Maddalena where they exchanged their promises.

Is there anything more romantic?


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