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Couple photo shoot in Switzerland_Wedding photographer in Switzerland

"If life gives you lemons, make a lemonade"


This was my mood during the Covid-19 pandemic.

And that's how I found myself with a return ferry ticket - intended for a postponed wedding - non-refundable and to be used later this year.

This is how this #photographic #voyage in #Switzerland was born, set between #Locarno and #Foroglio, where we immersed ourselves in this spectacular landscape between the mountains that frame Lake Maggiore, up to the suggestive waterfall of Foroglio in Val Bavona with an impressive jump of 110 meters.

As always, I try to set and contextualize my couple services, immersing them in the surrounding landscape.

I particularly love greenery and woods, and in these places, just hit by a violent summer downpour, I found myself in my element.

Always used to the blinding sun and the white beaches of Sardinia, I finally had the opportunity to express myself in a completely new and different context and thanks to Sara and Lazar I started an intimate and a little dark shooting.

Have a good view ❤

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