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Scottish wedding 
Hotel Punta Negra Alghero



There are couples who enter your heart in an infinitely short amount of time.

Their story fascinated me from the first moment we met and I really wanted to get married.

Yasmin and Andy come from Scotland, my favorite place, the one that - after a thousand mental journeys through my books - I have yet to visit.

Their enthusiasm in organizing this wedding was captivating and I couldn't wait to photograph all the little details designed to tell a little bit about them.

Their preparation together with their families and witnesses was exciting and fun, their spontaneity is tangible in the photos you will see, and I love capturing these moments without interference, letting the emotions and interactions flow.

Their ceremony, celebrated in bilingual by the talented Claudia Murroni, was exciting and accompanied by an incessant wind in my favorite location, the Hotel Punta Negra in Alghero and I finally managed to witness the ritual of handfasting.


The party begins with the first dance of the spouses, one of the most beautiful ever, by the pool, surrounded by guests who admire this wonderful couple.

I adored everything, the wonderful settings by Vittorio Mura, they took up the thistle and the Scottish tartan, all with a vintage touch. The wedding dress change, sequins for her and a kilt for him...

And at the end of the evening, a fantastic surprise for all the guests, the pizza delivery!

Good vision


Special Thanks


Location: Hotel Punta Negra, Alghero

Staging: Vittorio Mura

Make Up: Veronica Ulgheri

Hairstyle: Anna Maria Mura

Celebrant: Claudia Murroni

Accompanying music: Musiche per Cerimonie