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Winter Wedding






Winter Wedding in Sardinia​


Our season ended in December, with two different winter weddings.


Personally I have always enjoyed this season, and the choice to celebrate the wedding in this period has several advantages.

Not being among the most popular months for weddings, there is greater availability from all suppliers, everything is more relaxed, the pace is less frenetic and you work with greater clarity.

The temperature in Sardinia is mild and December always offers very clear and sunny days. At the same time the light is warm and very delicate, and gives a unique softness to the photographs as you can see in the couple photos of Elena and Domenico

Special Thanks


Photos and videos: Francesca Zinchiri and Flavio Manca
Wedding planner:
  The flower boutique
Location: Gli Oleandri - Ozieri

Sardinia Wedding Photographer

Winter wedding in Sardinia | winter wedding in sardinia | ozieri | gli oleandri

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