Maria Pia and Paolo



From Rome to get married in Sardinia, the bride's homeland.
Maria Pia, originally from Nule, a small town in the heart of Sardinia, famous for the production of carpets with the ancient method of loom weaving, decided to return "home" and make her wedding while preserving the uses and traditions of the place. , very dear to you.

Paolo chooses the wedding in uniform, wearing the high uniform of the Carabinieri; accompanied by friends who welcome him at the exit of the church and pay homage to the picket of honor.

The reception takes place in the magical Hotel Su Gologone, in an enchanted setting at the foot of the Corrasi,  between the woods and the natural spring of the same name.


Director of photography: Francesca Zinchiri

Wedding Film: Flavio Manca

Location:  Su Gologone Hotel


Sardinia wedding photographer - Sardinia wedding photographer

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